The Irish Local Development Network (ILDN) has stressed the importance of “Minding your Mood” during Level-5 restrictions. ILDN member Local Development Companies (LDCs) are actively participating in the Government “Keep Well” Campaign which aims to support people and communities to mind their physical and mental health. Amongst the five main themes of the “Keep Well” Campaign is a focus on “Minding your Mood” in these challenging times.

Embedded in Communities nationwide, ILDN’s 49 member LDCs are providing a range of supports focused on mental health and well-being with the assistance of the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP) LEADER, the Rural Social Scheme and a number of other publicly funded schemes.

LDCs have been actively engaging with their Communities directly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and in particular reaching out to the vulnerable. Primarily LDCs have been using their services to provide appropriate information promoting community mental health services and well-being resources.  Personal calls, delivery of newsletters, local media and social media updates are some of the ways in which LDCs are reaching in their Communities.

ILDN members have placed an emphasis on “Minding your Mood” amongst specific groups such as young people, the elderly and the marginalised with a view to maximising social inclusion, positive mental health and confidence building.

While ‘in-person’ services are curtailed LDCs are offering a wide range of online resources to assist “Minding your Mood”. Online courses in the areas of mindfulness, building self-esteem & confidence, life-coaching, meditation and more are available across the Irish Local Development Network.