Irish Local Development Network (ILDN) member Local Development Companies (LDCs) have actively been participating in the Government “Keep Well” Campaign which focuses on five key themes including an emphasis on “Eating Well”.

ILDN members are providing a range of services across the Country with the assistance of the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP), the Healthy Ireland Fund, LEADER and Safe Food.

The provision of meals for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities has been central to the response of LDC’s to the COVID-19 pandemic with meals on wheels services, food deliveries, Food Banks and an innovative partnership with Food Cloud amongst some of the measures deployed to ensure Communities are “Eating Well”.

LDC’s are also providing resources to promote healthy eating.  Online cookery classes and tutorials are an example of some of the services on offer to assist better eating habits and to provide education on good food & nutrition.

ILDN are advising individuals who wish to learn more about “Eating Well” services available in their area to contact their Local Development Company.