The SEED Regeneration Programme has been launched which offers Social Enterprises a range of supports The SEED Regeneration Programme launch was attended by local social enterprise participants, providers of the mentoring and training supports, and representatives from the 4 local development companies collaborating to provide the SEED project Southside Partnership DLR, Bray Area Partnership, South Dublin County Partnership, and Waterford Area Partnership.


There was a tangible sense of excitement and expectation as the bespoke training, mentoring and networking supports were explained and social enterprises had the opportunity to meet each other. Peter Brennan, CEO Bray Area Partnership, explained ‘SEED stands for Social Enterprise Expansion and Development’ and our programme aims to support social enterprises in our areas to progress and build their organisations’.


Helena O’Neill. Social Enterprise Advisor, Southside Partnership, welcomed participants, saying: ‘It is vital for the social enterprise sector, now more than ever, to feel connected and not isolated or alone. You’ll gain skills and supports from SEED, and you’ll also gain being part of a community. We are so happy to be able to offer you these supports from today.


Funded through the Dormant Accounts Fund and supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development and the Irish Local Development Network, the SEED Regeneration Programme offers bespoke social enterprise focused training workshops, one-to-one expert mentoring, networking and promotional opportunities. These will be provided by the expert organisations working in the social enterprise sector in Ireland today.


The SEED Regeneration Programme is now open for registration. For more information on all supports and to register, contact your local representative:


Helena O’Neill.          Southside Partnership DLR.   

Eithne Gunning.        Bray Area Partnership           

Tom Coleman.          South Dublin County Partnership

Liz Riches                   Waterford Area Partnership