The Irish Local Development Network (ILDN) of 49 Local Development Companies (LDCs) have reiterated their commitment to supporting local communities across the Country, during the Level 5 phase of the National Framework for Living with COVID-19.  During the COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year, ILDN members fielded up to 2,200 calls per day and reached out to over 170,000 individuals offering assistance. ILDN members and their staff of 2,100 have again adjusted their usual services to ensure that their local communities are supported throughout the Level 5 phase of restrictions.

Local Development Companies continue to offer a diverse range of supports for local communities at this time and all are functioning as part of the ‘Community Call’ initiative in conjunction with Local Authorities. Some of the more popular supports ILDN members have offered throughout the pandemic include:

  • Friendly call services
  • Employment services
  • Online training services and
  • Mental Health & well-being classes and activities
  • Critical Home delivery services for food & medicine
  • Food bank and food distribution

ILDN believe it is critical to prioritise social inclusion throughout these difficult times.  ILDN members deliver the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP) which supports many of the important COVID-19 response measures provided by LDCs.  Furthermore as providers of state supported labour activation schemes (Tús, RSS and CE) ILDN members are adapting to provide the services of scheme participants, vans, equipment and premises for deployment at community level into the COVID-19 response where safe to do so.