The Chairperson of the Irish Local Development Network, representing Ireland’s 49 Local Development Companies, Jim Finn has today praised the contribution made by Local Development Companies in Communities in response to COVID19.

Addressing the Network’s AGM, Mr Finn said; “our Local Development Companies responded to the needs of their communities in inspiring and innovative ways. I wish to pay tribute to all our voluntary boards and staff who adapted and met the challenge of COVID19 head-on.  Before the State began to mobilise its response for communities – our people were in the field providing essential supports to those most in need. As the State response evolved through the Community-Call, you were to the front in leading the and co-ordinating the bulk of the services provided.

In his address, the Chairperson also called on the Government to progress the five-year strategy to support the community and voluntary sector stating  “in Ireland 2019-2024 – Sustainable, Inclusive and Empowered Communities commits that Community and voluntary organisations will be supported with appropriate funding models for the supports and services they deliver in partnership with Government, creating greater financial certainty and sustainability, improving capacity and effectiveness, and ensuring viability of services for communities. The delivery of this strategy has been underlined in the 2020 Programme for Government and we hope to see this action progressed as a matter of urgency.”

Chairman Jim Finn