Irish Local Development Network (ILDN) representing Ireland’s 49 Local Development Companies (LDCs) including 11 LDCs who deliver the Ability Programme have joined with the Minister for Social Protection, Justice, Rural & Community Development Heather Humphreys in welcoming the launch of the Ability 27 Padlet. Ability programmes nationwide, have collaborated and produced a digital ‘mapping’ tool, using existing creative software, to provide the public with information, resources and access to each programme: ‘Ability 27 Padlet’.


Minister for Social Protection, Heather Humphreys T.D. has welcomed the Ability 27 Padlet;

“I am committed to supporting people with disabilities to participate more fully in society by providing supports that address the barriers that they may face. The Ability Programme is an example of this commitment in action and this innovative tool will further assist people with disabilities to avail of the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential.”


Every Ability Programme in Ireland is hosted by a variety of organisations, including Local Development Companies, disability services and educational programmes. The work of these 27 programmes is innovative, person centred and empowering. Over 90 staff work with upwards of 2200 young people to date.  To showcase this work and provide a landing stage for information, resources and access to the 27 programmes, have developed a collaborative tool, using an existing creative software platform, Padlet. The ‘Ability 27 Padlet’ is a free to use piece of software and provides us with a mapping tool and access to all Ability Programmes and resources. It is easy to use, interactive and accessible through any device. The Ability 27 Padlet is provided as a point of information for families, communities and other interested parties.