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LDCs in Education and Lifelong Learning

Local Development Companies (LDCs) deliver a range of programmes and services which support both adult learners and young people to stay in or return to education.
Goal 2 of the Local and Community Development Programme (LCDP) delivered by all LDCs aims to increase access to formal and informal educational, recreational and cultural development activities and resources.

Whilst LCDP is the main programme through which LDCs provide educational supports, it is not the only one. Many LDCs have also secured funding from other philanthropic and state sources to provide education and training such as the Equality for Women Measure and Local Training Initiatives.

Lifelong Learning

Local Development Companies offer education and training programmes designed to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged groups in the local community, to increase their self-esteem, to encourage progression into further education and their transition into work.

LCDP Goal 2 values lifelong learning, and is aimed at the educational needs of individuals who experience social exclusion and disadvantage at all stages of their lives. In 2011, 6,388 people participated in Education Training Initiatives provided by Local Development Companies under Goal 2.

As we can see in the table below, lifelong learning supports provided by LDCs can range from personal development courses to specific skills training such as Information & Communications Technology courses or literacy training.

Education Training Initiatives Provided under LCDP Goal 2 in 2011 by Category (Source: Pobal Local & Community Development Programme Progress Report 2011)

Supporting young people to continue in education or training

Local Development Companies use LCDP and a range of other funding to provide supports to encourage young people to remain in formal education or training.

Typical supports provided by LDCs include:

  • After-school homework clubs
  • Breakfast clubs
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Literacy support programmes
  • Reading initiatives
  • Initiatives to improve school attendance
  • Programmes to support children in the transition from primary to secondary school
  • Guidance counselling
  • Psychological and counselling supports
  • Extra-curricular recreational and cultural activities such as community arts, dance and music events
  • Youth clubs and cafés

Over 57,000 young people were supported under LCDP Goal 2 in 2011 by local development companies.

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