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Trail Kilkenny

Trail Kilkenny Ltd. was formed by Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) as the controlling and management body of a number of walking, cycling, food and craft trails in County Kilkenny.  It provides a co-ordinated development, management and marketing approach to all the trails for the benefit of the trail members and the residents of County Kilkenny.

Trail Kilkenny does this by:

  • Utilising work placement schemes like the Rural Social Scheme and Tús scheme to maintain and promote the trails
  • The Trail Kilkenny company acts as a vehicle to apply to statuary bodies like LEADER, Kilkenny County Council and Failte Ireland for funds to develop new trails
  • Trail Kilkenny promotes the collective Trail Kilkenny project using a planned PR campaign, county wide festivals and a brochure suit. 

The main idea is two-fold:

  • Encourage tourism to the rural environment of Kilkenny for the benefit of the rural businesses by cross promoting all the trails under one banner.
  • Enhance the quality of life for the residents of Kilkenny by providing trail infrastructure that is maintained to a high quality standard.

The future of rural tourism in Ireland is tied closely to the use of the countryside for recreation. Both visitors and residents value the opportunity to experience the freedom and beauty of the rural environment. Trail Kilkenny provides this opportunity in a co-ordinated and managed way.

Trail Kilkenny has 34 Food businesses on its “TASTE of Kilkenny” Food Trail and 26 craft businesses on its “MADE in Kilkenny” Craft Trail. These provide employment to over 300 local people. All the Rural Social Scheme and TUS workers are local people from Kilkenny. The landowners who maintain the trails and are paid through the “walk Scheme” are also local people of County Kilkenny.

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