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Ray's Concrete Grooving

Supported by Cavan-Monaghan LEADER

(A joint venture between Breffni Integrated Ltd. & Monaghan Integrated Development)

Raymond Brady is a small farmer who was looking for an enterprise that would help supplement his income from farming. He had identified an enterprise that would supply a groove cutting service to farmers for yards, stables, milking parlours etc. The grooving would allow for a much safer and comfortable environment for both animals and handlers.  

In October 2010, Cavan-Monaghan LEADER encouraged and assisted Raymond in applying for LEADER support in order to get the enterprise up and running.

His application was successful and in 2011, he received LEADER grant aid of €12,849 towards the purchase of two grooving machines. Assistance was also provided for the development of a website and the purchase of promotional material and advertising costs.

Initially, the enterprise employed one person. Following on from the successful development of this project and the widening of the territory covered, Ray’s Concrete Grooving now employs three full-time workers as a result of this project.

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