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LDCs & Employment

A Range of Programmes to Tackle Unemployment

Our national network of 50 Local Development Companies deliver a range of programmes which are creating jobs and supporting people into employment.

The two core programmes delivered by Local Development Companies - LCDP and the Rural Development Programme (LEADER) are specifically referenced in Actions 6.8 and 6.9 of the Action Plan for Jobs 2012:

6.8 Ensure that the goals of the Local and Community Development Programme (i.e. to increase access to formal and informal educational, recreational and cultural activities and resources, and increase people's work readiness and employment prospects) continue to provide support for enterprise start-ups.

6.9 Continue to support job creation in rural communities through the Rural Development Programme concentrating primarily on the provision of direct support for the generation and development of enterprise ideas and initiatives and the provision of support for initiatives that facilitate the development of sustainable rural communities.
However LDCs also deliver a significant number of cross-cutting initiatives which positively impact on tackling unemployment such as the Rural Social Scheme, Tus, Local Employment Services, Job Clubs, and Back to Work Enterprise Allowance Schemes (BTWEA) on behalf of the Department of Social Protection.

Typical Supports Provided by LDCs for Unemployed Persons

Typical services which an unemployed person can avail of in most Local Development Companies include:

  • Career guidance counselling services
  • One-to-one case work with a dedicated mediator who will support an unemployed person along the path into further training and employment
  • Job seeking skills training
  • CV preparation
  • Placements on work placement schemes such as Tus, Community Employment and Jobs Initiative
  • Supports to become self-employed (see Enterprise Section)

Delivering Results in Getting Ireland Back to Work

An ILDN sample survey on Employment, Enterprise and Training Supports shows that in 2011, the 46 respondent companies achieved impressive results:

  • 9,291 people were supported into employment
  • 28,034 were supported into education or training
  • 5,154 were supported into labour market programmes
  • 5,223 were supported into self-employment

The ILDN sample survey on Employment, Enterprise and Training Supports referred to above demonstrates this impressive array of training, employment and labour market programmes provided for job seekers by the 46 respondent LDCs in 2011:

LDC Supports for Jobseekers in 2011

Programme # job seekers supported in 2011 # of respondent LDCs providing
LCDP Programme Supports
LEADER Programme Supports
4,548 26
LESN 45,263 31
Job Initiative (directly managed by LDC) 372 23
C.E. (directly managed by LDC) 801 29
TUS (interviewed, progressed to other option) 4,831 39
TUS (placed) 2,176 42
Local Training Initiative 638 26
Jobs Club 12,189 26
RSS (Placement) 1,455 30
Back to Education Initiative 525 18
Equality for Women Measure 1,237 26
Other 1,680 19
Total 104,629  

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