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Teach Dara - Refurbishment of Community Facilities in Kildare Town

In 2011, Kildare Town & Community Centre received LEADER grant aid of €481,172 from County Kildare LEADER Partnership to refurbish and equip a donated building - “Teach Dara”. The building had been donated to the community to renovate and upgrade for use as a Community and Family Resource Centre that would comply with all building and planning regulations.

The project aim was to provide a facility where services could be provided for the community and families in response to the needs identified in the study “Let Your Voice Be Heard” which revealed a lack of suitable community spaces.

The project promoters envisaged that the renovated centre would become:

  • A space which the community could own, care for and use (Let Your Voice Be Heard). Recommendation 27.
  • A location for a range of complementary services in Parent, Family & Community support which were scattered in a variety of locations and even competing with one another for scarce inexpensive locations.
  • A focus for great community / interagency collaboration perhaps through use of office space by agencies.
  • A quiet place for counselling.
  • A promoter of parent and family & support service and activities, and more especially support and leadership training of resident committees.
  • A dynamic pro-active catalyst within the community in working on the implementation of Let Your Voice Be Heard!
  • An integrating structure within the community through the provision of forum type and issue based gatherings.
  • A space which could complement the use of the “cabins” in the estates and a location for activities which are best carried out on a cross community basis.
  • A promoter of ecological awareness and sustainable living.

The renovated centre currently requires a team of seven people to manage and operate Teach Dara on a daily basis providing employment to two full-time and five part-time workers from the locality.

Comment from the Promoter:

“The funding from County Kildare LEADER Partnership has made it possible for Kildare Town to transform an old building into a much needed Community and Family Resource Centre. The location of this building makes it a most serviceable resource for the whole community...”

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