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Easi Access Transport Ltd supported by Bray Area Partnership

Easi Access Transport Ltd combines two complementary locally operated services:

Easi-Cab Travel Club

This Travel Club provides an accessible transport service for people with mobility difficulties who are unable to use public transport. The community based service has grown from its initial pilot phase to now operate five accessible buses within the greater Bray / North Wicklow / South County Dublin area. There are currently 450 members using the seven day per week service for a range of purposes including attending education / training programmes; day services; hospital appointments; social events etc. The availability of the Travel Club service enables its user members to have greater independence in their daily lives and to participate more fully in their local community and wider society.

Bray Area Partnership (through its enterprise company- Bray Community Enterprise) supported the development and operation of the Travel Club pilot phase and continues to provide on-going human resource, technical and financial assistance to the service. As part of a planned development strategy, Easi Access Transport Ltd was formed to manage day to day operations of the Club. The operation of the Travel Club provides employment for 11 people covering all aspects of the Services operation. Many of the Travel Club’s first employees progressed through our LESN supports to Job Initiative placements and on to the social economy employment positions. In addition to the services provided to the Travel Club individual member, contract work is also undertaken for the HSE, public and private nursing homes etc.   

Home Link

Home Link is a more recently developed service also managed through Easi Access Transport Ltd. The service provides a range of supports to older members of the community comprising a daily personal contact telephone call, social events, basic home and garden maintenance including a register of reliable tradespeople for more extensive repair / maintenance work, with the principal aim of enabling continued independent living at home in their own neighbourhoods. 10 staff are employed to deliver services to 900 Home Link members living in the greater Bray and North Wicklow catchment areas.

The need for a tailored homecare community based support service, particularly for people living alone, was initially identified by the BAP Older Peoples Cluster Group – a local networking body dealing with issues affecting older people in the area. Following further investigation and locally conducted research to establish the type and structure of services required, BAP successfully bid for social economy funding to help develop the Home Link model. Home Link is currently operated by Easi Cab Transport Ltd in conjunction with Easi Cab Travel Club as part of an integrated delivery of front line services to meet identified needs of targeted individuals in the area.      

The initial development phases of both Services availed of financial and human resource input from Bray Area Partnership. Core funding is currently provided via the Community Services Programme and supplemented by locally generated income together with private contributions/donations. Within an annual operating budget of €500,000, the ratio of public funds to other receipts is an 80%/20% split.

In 2011 both Easi-Cab Travel Club and Home Link were presented with the Bray & District Chamber of Commerce annual award for outstanding service to the community. During the adverse weather conditions in late 2010, the local authority and HSE identified Home Link as a key community based service in their emergency planning for the area.

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