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LDCs in the Community

Local Development Companies work at three levels

  1. Providing supports for community groups, networks and forums.
  2. Direct organisation of community events and initiatives.
  3. Supporting communities to become involved in decision making on their local area and the issues that affect them.

Examples of the forms which this work can take:

  • Training and capacity building for community groups
  • Administration and technical support for community groups in areas such as HR and Finance.
  • Facilitating community meetings and consultations to involve local people in decision making.
  • Preparation of Local Development Strategies through consultation with communities.
  • Connecting community groups through the organisation of community platforms and networks.
  • Active citizenship and voter education programmes.
  • Support for projects to improve the local environment such as community gardens.
  • Support for projects to improve community facilities such as playgrounds and community centres.
  • Staffing of community facilities and centres through work placement schemes managed by the local development company.
  • Support for volunteering in the community.

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