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Local and Community Development Programme

The Local and Community Development Programme (LCDP) was established in 2009 as a successor to two previous programmes – the Local Development Social Inclusion Programme and the Community Development Programme. All 50 Local Development Companies throughout Ireland deliver the programme on behalf of the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

The programme aims to tackle poverty and social exclusion through partnership and constructive engagement between Government and its agencies and people in disadvantaged communities

The programme has four over-arching goals:

Goal 1: Promote awareness, knowledge and uptake of a wide range of statutory, voluntary and community services.

Goal 2: Increase access to formal and informal education, recreational and cultural development activities and resources.

Goal 3: Increase people’s work readiness and employment prospects.

Goal 4: Promote active engagement with policy, practice and decision making processes on matters affecting local communities.

Headline Programme Figures for 2011

(Source: Pobal Local & Community Development Programme Progress Report 2011)

Category Target Actual
# Individuals Supported (caseload) 30,088 40,292
# Young People/Children engaged with LCDP 41,403 65,614
# of Local Community Groups Supported 2,000 4,110
Beneficiaries participating in education (accredited) - 2,673
... (unaccredited) - 8,720
... of which funded/partly funded by the LCDP (accredited) 1,581 1,691
...(unaccredited) 2,573 5,380
Beneficiaries participating in labour market training (accredited) - 4,031
... (unaccredited) - 7,750
... of which funded/partly funded by the LCDP (accredited) 3,068 3,033
... (unaccredited) 4,926 5,779
Individuals supported into employment 1,568 1,121
Individuals supported into self-employment 3,027 5,042

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