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Equality for Women Measure

The Equality for Women Measure (EWM) is a positive action programme for women, which aims to foster gender equality in accordance with the National Women's Strategy 2007-2016. The EWM is an initiative of the Department of Justice and Equality and is managed collaboratively between the Department and Pobal. 

The strategic aim of the Equality for Women Measure is: to advance the role of women in the Irish economy and in decision making at all levels in accordance with the National Women's Strategy 2007 - 2016. 

15 Local Development Companies have received funding in order to develop projects which: 

  • Improve women's access to education, training and personal development in preparation for employment; 
  • Support women who are undertaking entrepreneurial activity; 
  • Support women's advancement in their employment including into decision-making roles in the organisation.

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