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Community Services Programme

14 social enterprises are currently delivered by Local Development Companies (LDCs) under the Community Services Programme.

The Community Services Programme (CSP) supports community businesses to deliver local services to their communities and to create employment opportunities for people from disadvantaged groups.

The Programme focuses on communities where public and private sector services are lacking, either through geographical or social isolation or because of demand deficits. It also aims to ensure that the potential benefits of other public investment in community facilities and amenities are realised.

CSP is designed on a social enterprise model and a core requirement of the programme is that contract holders generate non-public revenue from their operations e.g. by charging fees for services delivered or fundraising. The grant is not intended to represent full-funding. The contract holder is responsible for their own budgets, income, financial and other liabilities. Companies in contract with the programme must be not for profit, social enterprise or community business in nature.

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